About Us

Monrovian is a eco-friendly beauty collection company that uses natural ingredients, free of parabens and sulfates. Monrovian reveals your hidden beauty by using nature's beauty secrets that were handed down from generation to generation. Our products are perfect for all skin types, gentle and non-irritating.



 In 1820 freed slaves from America set on a journey to return back to Africa. Unknown what they might encounter while sailing they hoped for a better future. When they arrived they couldn't believe the beauty before their eyes. Some settled in Sierra leone and others settled in Liberia. Those who arrived in Liberia first touched down in Cape Montserrado. Later on Cape Montserrado was renamed to Monrovia. 

Monrovian Beauty is inspired by those who traveled at sea seeking something beautiful and new in life!

Monrovian beauty reveals your hidden beauty by using nature’s secret ingredients that were handed down from generation to generation! Monrovian Beauty believes everyone should be free to live a adventurous life, while looking & feeling beautiful inside/out!